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The win-win strategy is often applied to negotiation between suppliers and customers at all levels. And more broadly to the relationship between major corporations and its background.. Win-win partners are companies and organizations achieving competitive advantage through community investment.

The goal of win-win strategy is to avoid conflict. The win-win does work only in two conditions: each group should have the same mind, and each must gain something. It requires mutual understanding, listening, empathy and trust, which takes time. The term win-win strategy widely used in business originate in the game theory. At the end of any action between each party : a contract, a dispute, an employer employee relationship there would necessarily be a winner and a loser in the best case and two losers at worst.

Game Theory said that the future is to "win-win", which mean all the strategy where everybody wins. In a way, understanding surprisingly modern phenomenon began at the University of Michigan where, in the years 60-70, a professor of political philosophy named Robert Axelrod gave the acclaim of game theory. Based on the study of all the games imaginable, from the simple TicTacToe or Monopoly through the casino, poker or bridge, this theory has been first to reduce everything to a few simple principles, from which we could define the archetypes of players: the aggressive, the cunning, the chaotic, the slave... Against all odds, after thousands of games played by hundreds of students, it proved beyond doubt that a single type of player always prevailed in the long term: that Axelrod would call the "win-win".

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